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We have planned the timetable of the race so that we have a day where the whole family and colleagues can join.

The race has distances for all.

Shortest distance is 2 km and is only for children. This is followed by the distance of 5.3 km, equivalent to one-eighth marathon. 10.5 km, equivalent to a quarter marathon and 21.1 km, corresponding to a half marathon. Longest distance is 42.2 km, corresponding to a full marathon.

So whether you are an experienced runner or a beginner, mostly for short distances or most for long, we have made a race party where you, your family, your friends and colleagues all can participate.

For the spectators there will be a lot of action going on in the finish area, in a concentrated peiod of two hours.

Please find the race brochure here

Looking forward seeing you in Denmark, Aalborg :-)

Kind regards,



How to sign up

When you need to sign up you or your team, simply use the link below.

It is possible to pay by debit card, visa card or credit card. Payment must happen at the same time of your registration and you will receive a receipt by mail after payment. It appears from the mail receipt, how you subsequently have the option to edit your own data.


Registration for kids race

It is not allowed to bring animals. Exemption can be granted in case of disability or likely.

Participation at your own risk. Registration is binding.
The registration fee can not be refunded. This also applies if the race is canceled or interrupted in the event of force majeure. T-shirt and start number will not be sent.

We look forward to see you :-)


For online registration and payment for the period until June 30:

* 1/1 marathon DKK 500
* 1/2 marathon DKK 300
* 1/4 marathon DKK 200
* 1/8 marathon DKK 180
* 2 km WALK/RUN               DKK  80
* Fjordmarathon Kids race   DKK  80


In the period July 1 - August 15 the online prices are:

* 1/1 maraton DKK 550
* 1/2 maraton DKK 350
* 1/4 maraton DKK 220
* 1/8 maraton DKK 200
* 2 km WALK/RUN               DKK  90
* Fjordmarathon Kids race   DKK  90


In the period August 16 - 31 the online prices are::

* 1/1 marathon DKK 600
* 1/2 marathon DKK 400
* 1/4 marathon DKK 250
* 1/8 marathon DKK 230
* 2 km WALK/RUN               DKK  100
* Fjordmarathon Kids race   DKK  100


After August 31, when buying startnumber at EXPO Sport & Health

* 1/1 marathon DKK 650
* 1/2 marathon DKK 450
* 1/4 marathon DKK 270
* 1/8 marathon DKK 250
* 2 km WALK/RUN               DKK  120
* Fjordmarathon Kids race   DKK  120



Participants on the 1/2 and 1/1 marathon must be at least 15 years of age on the date of the race.

Your bib (race number) must be clearly visible on your chest.

Maximum time limit for completion of the marathon is 6 hours.

Cycling escort is not permitted on the course and any breach of this provision will result in disqualification.

It is not allowed to bring animals. Exemption can be granted in case of disability or likely.

Registration/payment is binding and the registration fee will not be refunded. Should you be unable to participate you can transfer your race start to another person until 31/7, although only via online self-service. Alternatively you can transfer your race start to next year´s event until 31/7 (please contact the marathon office at in case you need tranferal to next year).

All information is subject for alteration.

Participation is at your own risk.

Chip and Timekeeping

Chip & Timekeeping

Your time will be registered automatically by the chip at the back of your startnumber.

The startnumber must be worn visibly at the front of the chest and the tip of the cladding. The startnumber must not be twisted or bent. is our partner for online sign-up and timekeeping.



Your bib issued at EXPO Sport & Health. Here you are also handed the running shirt and a small bag of small gifts.

We look forward to serving you:-)



Marathon distance

1. prize: Gift card value 1.500 DKK

2. prize: Gift card value 1.000 DKK

3. prize: Gift card value    500 DKK

Halvmarathon distance

1. prize:  Gift card value  1000 DKK

2. prize:  Gift card value    750 DKK

3. prize:  Gift card value    500 DKK

1/4 marathon, 1/8 marathon

1. prize

2. prize

3. prize


** Draws from different vendors **

For example ocal hand craft and nice Danish hand craft

Changing facilities

Changing facilities in Fitness World Friis, Nytorv from 9-17 Sunday September 3.


You can use cheap public transport around Aalborg and also from and to the Airport in Aalborg. 

Time schedule

10h00 Start marathon
11h00 Start half marathon

11h15 Start 2 K childrens race & WALK
12h00 Start 10,5 K
13h00 Start 5,3 K

Prize ceremonies will be held ongoing.

20 minutes before each start their will be a warm-up session for all participants.


In connection with your online payment you will receive a receipt of payment which is your receipt and also your start card.

You must bring your start card to the tent in order to receive your bib and running shirt.

Keep an eye on this homepage. Approx. 1-2 weeks ahead of the race we will publish practical information regarding the race.

Food, beverage and service

Approximately every 4 kilometer you will find service with your personal refreshment, water, energy drinks and a toilet.

Participants in the marathon and half marathon is the only ones who are entitled to place their own personal refreshments.

As from 16K you will also find pieces of fruit.

Your personal refreshment should be deposited from Saturday at 14.00 until Sunday morning at 8.30 in the boxes provided for this service at the EXPO. Please be aware of the opening hours of the EXPO.


Due to roadwork in Aalborg the routes will have some changes in 2017. Information will follow as soon as possible.


In 2016 you found service at these locations:

  • 4 km (Viaduktvej 7): for runners attending 10 km, 21 km and 42 km

    8 km & 2,5 km & 29 km (On Strandgade, Nørresundby):   for runners attending 5 km, 10 km, 21 km and 42 km

    12 km & 33 km (Johannesmindesvej 54A):  for runners attending 21 km and 42 km

    16 km & 27 km (Danhostel, Vandrehjem):   for runners attending 21 km and 42 km

    19 km & 38 km (Skudehavnsvej):   for runners attending 21 km and 42 km

    After the finish line

EXPO & number pickup

Friday 1 September at 15-18, saturday 2 September at 10-17 and Sunday 3 September at 8-14 you can pick up your bib and race T-shirt at the EXPO in the spectacular Musikkens Hus in Aalborg.


Make a good bargain at our EXPO and look at running equipment, clothes, shoes, aloe vera health, ergonomic chairs or get a massage.

Free entrance for everybody!


You will be able to find great offers and get advice from e.g.:





Aalborg looks forward to your visit. We have plenty of accomodation possibilities just around the corner, and also in the surroundings of Aalborg City.

Look up different accomodations here and here

If you need further help with accomodation please contact Tourist Information at +45 99317500.

Starting and finishing area

The start and finish will be at the square beside the Aalborg Castle and the Utzon Center. Right at the waterfront next to the fjord.


A spectacular area and surroundings. Enjoy it !


Picture of the start and finish area will come later.


Pace setters

We provide pace settes on the 1/2 and 1/1 maraton distances.

The pace setters will be dressed in neon shirts with their finish time on.

The pace settes will help you with a constant speed and support during the race :)


The plan for the pace setters is as follows:


Finish times:  3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30 and 5:00


Finish times:  1:30, 1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 2:10 and 2:20